2013 Election Day – Voting in Ormeau and surrounds

Polling Booth Times:

Polling day is Saturday 7 September 2013.
Polling places open between 8am and 6pm.

Your Electoral Division:

Deciding whether you are in the Forde or Fadden electorate division is important as this will determine whether you are a local voter or an absentee voter. Click on the images below to view the division zone markings. (For Ormeau all areas on the Western side of the M1 you are in Forde, all Ormeau areas on the Eastern side of the M1 are in Fadden.)

FADDEN Electoral Division:

Forde Electoral Division

Jacobs Well Community Centre
27 Bay St, Jacobs Well

Ormeau State School
Mirambeena Drive, Pimpama

Ormeau Woods High School
148 Goldmine Road, Ormeau

Norfolk Village State School
83 Halfway Drive, Ormeau



  • Patrina Maizey (Greens)
  • Jeremy Fredericks (Family First)
  • Jim MacAnally (Palmer United Party)
  • Bill Lawrence (Katter’s Australian Party)
  • Maurie Carroll (Independent)
  • Stewart Boyd (One Nation)
  • Nicole Lessio (Labor)
  • Stuart Robert (Liberal National) **Currently holds position, since 2007**


  • Jonathan Jennings (Rise Up Australia)
  • Bert Van Manen (Liberal National) **Currently holds position, since 2010**
  • Peter Beattie (Labor)
  • Keith Douglas (Australian Voice)
  • Blair Brewster (Palmer United Party)
  • Joshua Sloss (Independent)
  • Jan Pukallus (Citizens Electoral Council)
  • Sally Spain (Greens)
  • Amanda Best (Family First)
  • Paul Roger Hunter (Katter’s Australian Party)

On the ballot paper you have TWO choices:

1. Mark a number one (1) ABOVE the line indicating the party you are voting for.


2. Number ALL candidates BELOW the line (1-10 Forde / 1-8 Fadden) in order of preference. Writing just a number below the line will result in an invalid vote.

Absentee Voting

If you are unable to attend a polling booth on the day of the election you will need to do an absentee or early vote.

Locations include:

Beenleigh Early Voting Centre
145 George St, Beenleigh

Helensvale Homeworld
Shop 17, 502 Hope Island Rd, Helensvale

For more details please visit http://www.aec.gov.au/

(more locations are listed here)

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