8 tips for staying cool this summer on the Gold Coast

For those who don’t have the luxury of air conditioning and/or a pool to cool off this summer – here are a few quick, economical tips to remain comfortable.

1. Place Ice Cubes on Pulse Points

In a heat wave, ice isn’t just for keeping drinks cool. Fill a glass with ice cubes, wrap individual cubes in a towel or plastic bag, and place that directly on your pulse points, your body’s quickest cooling spots. Easy-to-find pulse points include your wrists, neck and inner elbows and knees.

2. Build Your Own “Air Conditioner”

Need a cooling alternative when you don’t have an electric air conditioner? Place a large bowl of ice in front of a fan. Position the fan so it blows directly on the ice. As the ice melts, the surrounding air is cooled and the fan blows that air toward you.

3. Stay cool under the covers

A lot of people find it difficult to sleep in hot weather. To cool off in bed fill a standard hot water bottle with ice water. Use it to cool your ankles and the back of your knees and back of your neck. You can also try bagging your sheets and tossing them in the freezer for an hour or two before bed. Cooling your head cools your entire body. Opt for a cool and absorbent pillow of organic cotton if at all possible.

Don’t have a hot-water bottle to freeze up? Make your own rice-sock icepack. Simply grab a sock, stuff it with rice and put it in the freezer for a few hours. When sufficiently cold, place it under the covers with you. Rice retains the cold for long periods of time, keeping you cool long enough to help you get off to sleep.

4. Graze and eat smaller, more frequent meals

Ever notice how you feel hot after a big meal? It’s not just because the food was served warm. Big, protein-laden meals force your body to stoke its metabolic fires. The solution is to break up your eating into smaller, more frequent meals. You’ll feel cooler.

5. Stay Downstairs

Heat rises, and the upper stories of multi-story homes tend to be far warmer than ground level. So when the temperature skyrockets, hightail it to your lower level to help beat the heat.

6. Avoid the oven

If you can avoid the oven during the hot weather this will keep your home far cooler. There is no quicker way to raise temperatures. Microwave, stove and cookers give off nowhere near as much heat.

7. Eat chilled watermelon and water with a twist of lime

Both are economical to purchase and give the ultimate in refreshment on hot summer scorchers! Keeping hydrated is vital and these are both super tasty ways to do it!

8. Don’t fan yourself

While many enjoy the cool breeze resulting from fanning yourself, the body is actually required to produce energy to sustain the motion which in turn makes you hotter! At many of the discount variety stores you can purchase battery operated fans, some that squirt water as they run – this is a great alternative that doesn’t demand so much energy!

Stay cool this summer and remember to try some of these methods for your friends, family and pets!

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