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Division 1 update
In coming weeks, you’ll receive a newsletter bringing you up to date with issues across the Division on a suburb-by-suburb basis. Look out for it in your letterbox and please raise directly with me any ideas, issues or concerns you may have, so that we can work together for the best outcomes in our area.

Coomera Town Centre
There was news over Christmas that Westfield had lodged an amended plan for the development of the Coomera Town Centre. Common sense has prevailed and the inclusion has been confirmed as a minor change to the application and no restart to the public advertising will be necessary. Although the plan of development is significantly different from the requirements of the original Coomera Town Centre Structure Plan, the northern community has waited too long for access to department stores and cinemas and the sooner this plan can be assessed and approved, the better for all.

What remains to be clarified is the contribution necessary towards the State controlled M1 and Exit 54, together with the infrastructure charges payable to the City of Gold Coast (City). The City has spent $270 million in providing water and sewerage infrastructure to the Pimpama/Coomera area and it’s a matter of achieving a balance in terms of who pays, and how much. There is growing concern that unless the State and Federal Government commit funding to the upgrade of Exit 54, the project will be deemed unviable. After so many years of planning and an extended court case with Macquarie over the right to develop, who could believe this is a possibility?

Waste service/transfer stations
This week, keys are being distributed to residents at Wongawallan for whom a weekly waste collection service is not possible. The key will provide access to a bin station at Welches Pioneer Park where household refuse can be deposited free of charge. The Helensvale Waste and Recycling Centre will cater for larger items.

The new compound will be appropriately screened in the weeks ahead. A weekly bin service cannot be provided to streets which run off Wongawallan Drive. I understand the frustration this causes. However, workplace health and safety audits by both JJ Richards and our City Cleaning staff have deemed that Wongawallan Drive is too steep for vehicles to consistently stop and start whilst undertaking collections due to the weight of vehicles once full of waste. This is not an indication that the road is unsafe, just that it is unsafe for a waste collection vehicle for the above reasons. Hope this explains.

Draft 2015 City Planning Scheme
Towards the end of last year, Council endorsed its 2015 Draft City Planning Scheme for submission to the State Government. The process now is for the State to consider the City’s Draft Scheme and provide its recommended amendments prior to public display, inviting community comment.

As part of the sub-committee deliberations and due to concern about impacts on residential communities, I was able to have a legal review supported which considered how we could work to exclude from our city, industries that create noxious or hazardous emissions. That legal opinion advised it could be achieved and this has been incorporated into the scheme.

There was limited time to construct the draft scheme in order for its adoption in 2015, so there may have to be some ‘massaging’ of the words or their location within the scheme, but I’m confident that we can exclude those types of unwanted industries from our city. This Council respects the rights of residents to their amenity and this is the first opportunity to make sure we give a clear indication of our intent for the City of Gold Coast. I’ve been grateful for the support of the Office of the Mayor and the Manager, Implementation and Assessment, and new Director of City Planning in working to achieve this outcome.

Skate park opening
Don’t forget the opening of the renewed Ormeau Skate Park on 8 March at 10am. The revamped venue will be capable of hosting national competitions and is an exciting addition for our youth. The day will combine with our first birthday celebrations for the Ormeau Centre – lots of activities and entertainment for everyone. In the evening we’ll have free movies in the park at the soccer fields, starting at 7pm.

Contact me
Please continue to contact me should you require assistance with any issue concerning Division 1.

You can contact me at the office on 5581 6301 or on mobile 0424 778 999. You can keep up with information as it arises via my Facebook page – the link is

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