Noego – Coffee that’s socially responsible and Mother Earth aware

Coffee that’s Socially Responsible & Mother Earth Aware

“Being responsible is not hard, it’s a choice to embrace a positive mindset, that benefits everyone, avoiding exploitation and degradation.”

Noego is a dynamic Coffee Company. We look at every aspect of the Company’s operations, business, and product lines in order to support communities, enrich lifestyle, and respect and nurture Earth.

Dan, the original Coffee Guy, has been fortunate to gain a diverse knowledge base on everything coffee for 25 years, including sales, marketing, equipment R & D, blending, and roasting. Dan’s style of roasting has been extremely popular amongst his clientele. Passionate about doing each bean justice, and perfecting each roast, he uses his own unique method to get the best from the coffee beans.

Ananya (meaning ‘unique’) is our signature blend and classic of his method, which he has been crafting for over a decade; he uses several stages to optimise flavours. Each batch of roasted coffee beans, whether it be Ananya or single origin, is filled with his care and love; being some of the most important ingredients.

We welcome you to our new and ever-evolving Espresso Lounge at 18 Blanck Street, Ormeau; open MON-FRI 5.30am – 2pm; 07 5549 3351. Come in and experience true coffee hospitality with no ego J . When you visit us, notice the Espresso Lounge’s growing eclectic mix of up-cycled styling – everything has had a previous life. You may even catch a glimpse of our 1977 Kombi that we lovingly restored to build the World’s first Mobile Coffee Roastery that houses our coffee roaster every Sunday for the Miami Organic Markets.

You can ask Dan questions about anything coffee, home brewing equipment, and how to get the best out of your brew at home. In fact you can chat to Dan about anything and he will share his opinion.

We, Beverley and Dan, are looking forward to seeing you at Noego Coffee Co. HQ J. Or visit us on Pinterest, facebook, instagram, and

Organic roast & ground coffee always available.

Noego Coffee Co. – Strictly organic, & it’s all about the bean.

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