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We just wanted to clear up a few elements associated with ‘Off the Streets’…

After much speculation about whether ‘Off the Streets’ was a Halloween event we wanted to be clear. It is not. It is an alternative event we plan to make our own and while it embraces the dress-up and treat aspects, it does not support the dark and scary nature or knock on strangers doors theme at all. Try something new this year and support this community event aimed at increasing fun and child safety!

Is Off the Streets a Halloween event?

No. It is not a Halloween event. It is an alternative option promoting community connections, family fun, safety and creativity. Off the streets is a new event we will own as locals and it will be 100% unique to the Northern Gold Coast region.

Why is it on Halloween night (31 October) if it isn’t a Halloween event?

We decided to host this event the same night as Halloween so that locals can select a different option as opposed to the dark and scary dress-up themes and going door to door through the neighbourhood asking strangers for treats. Ultimately having discovered Halloween began as a Christian concept we had no problems associating an event with this date.

See some of our research findings below:

Many Christians struggle to decide how (or if) to celebrate Halloween. After all, it is an event that tends to promote superstition as well as talking to strangers. In actual fact the name Halloween is a blending of the words All Hallows’ and Even or E’en (referring to the evening before All Holies Day, or All Saints’ Day, which is November 1). The term hallow means “holy” – you may recall reciting it in the Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name” (Matthew 6:9). Early in church history, Christians began to celebrate the “saints” (heroes of the faith),* and by the 7th century, All Saints’ Day was celebrated annually throughout the Christian world – Orthodox churches celebrated on the Sunday after Pentecost, and Roman Catholic churches celebrated on May 13th. Without a doubt, the origin of All Saints’ Day and its Eve (Halloween) was entirely Christian.

Is going door to door trick or treating safe in Ormeau?

While this may be one of the best communities to live in, we do not support the notion of going door to door asking for treats. This is one of the core motivators for introducing a NEW event that still includes the fun of dress-ups and getting treats that are safely purchased and distributed. Attending ‘Off the streets’ is a far safer solution and you can meet friends and family in one convenient location.

How should I encourage my children to dress for Off the Streets?

We would encourage the dress-up themes to be more in line with school book-week dress-up parades. Fairy princesses, super heros, fairytale characters, space themes, animals, movie characters… the list is endless, see what your imagination can come up with!

This is event is aimed at primary school and preschool children so the focus on suitable themes is important and one of the reasons we have asked the local schools to lend support in both decoration and interaction with the families who come along and join in on the evening.

Does it cost anything to attend?

No. This is a free event.

What happens if I am running late?

While this event runs from 5pm – 7pm you can come along at any time. When you first arrive you will go through a series of 3×3 marquee tents that run through the heart of the Ormeau Centre, each themed by a different group, and collect an item from each space. Once you finish this you may like to  join in at the disco area, catch-up with friends or get the children back home to bed ready for school the next day.

If you arrive after 7pm we will not be able to let you through the course as pack-up will have commenced. For patron safety we will not have public access to the centre during this time.

To avoid disappointment, please try to get there at least 15 minutes prior to the event closing which will give you adequate time to explore all displays.

Do you have questions in relation to this event? Post them here and we will answer and publish as we lead up to this new event! We’d love your support and have tried to make this an event for everyone!

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