Ormeau development updates

A big thank you to Councillor Donna Gates for the latest updates regarding development in Ormeau. We have added a map to help pin point the locations discussed in the notes below (click images to enlarge view).

1. At Ormeau the Woolworths Supermarket construction should commence this year following the purchase of the Peachey Road site and the extension of the planning approval for another four years.

2. I understand that all legal appeals relating to Council’s Approval of the North Ormeau Town Centre have been resolved and Coles has come to agreement with Department of Transport and Main Roads for the additional roadwork required at Exit 45 to Eggersdorf Road.

3. In 2002 an approval was issued on the parcel of land on Eggersdorf Road opposite Arthur Way and the establishment of Ormeau Landscaping activated that approval. The developer is now ready to proceed with the remainder of the site, including fast food outlets and a service station. A roundabout is to be constructed at the intersection of Arthur Way and Eggersdorf Road to manage traffic movements.

4. The widening of Eggersdorf Road from Jacobs Ridge Road heading east has now commenced.

5. The site at 2 Jacobs Ridge Road has an existing approval for Childcare Centre which has been extended twice previously and is currently being assessed for a further extension, which I assume will be granted.

6. New Ormeau McDonalds family restaurant location.

7. Ormeau Centre – for current activities and events visit www.myormeau.com.au/ormeaucentre

8. The new soccer fields at Norfolk Park are ready to be line-marked and the Ormeau All Stars will start at this field for the 2013 season.

9. The skate park at Norfolk has received a significant boost of divisional funding and work to upgrade the area, including the BMX jumps will start soon. Council has also supported the project with whole of city funding in addition to the divisional allocation for these works which I believe are crucial to providing free entertainment for young people in our region.

For further information on Division 1 news and updates visit the official Councillor Donna Gates website.

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